App uses scent technology in Oscar Mayer bacon campaign

Punchkick Interactive
  • Punchkick Interactive
  • March 13, 2014
App uses scent technology in Oscar Mayer bacon campaign

Oscar Mayer’s Wake Up & Smell the Bacon campaign is taking smell technology to a whole new level. Oscar Mayer is giving away 4,700 smartphone attachments that transform iPhones into bacon scent alarm clocks. In order to be an “Official Bacon Beta Tester,” those of the carnivorous persuasion can work through a tongue-in-cheek entry form that prompts users to prove their allegiance to the cured meat.

The branded smartphone dongle plugs into the headphone jack, and the app produces the sound of bacon sizzling in a pan as a puff reminiscent of bacon is emitted through the attachment. Scent deployment is a great example of ambient advertising where the media/advertising is placed out of the traditional context. In this case, Oscar Mayer is using the iPhone as the media platform to deliver its message, providing novelty and functionality out of something very familiar to users. This move by the big brand is a clever long-view play that hopes to literally disrupt and remind epicurists where the best bacon comes from. View the rather imaginative ad here.



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