Top 7 weather apps to guide you into winter

Amelia Baer
  • Amelia Baer
  • November 6, 2014
Top 7 weather apps to guide you into winter

Being able to predict and prepare for the weather is among the best modern conveniences—and now, smartphone users can take advantage of apps and services that make packing an umbrella more seamless and easy. These apps go beyond traditional weather services to offer new utility and predictive features. Here are some of the top weather apps to help make tough winters a bit more bearable—or, at the very least, more predictable.


1. Dark Sky


Dark Sky is as beautiful as it is useful. Notorious for its timely weather alerts, the iOS app gets extremely granular when relaying updates. Gone are vague predictions of sunny mornings or rainy afternoons—Dark Sky lets users know rain is coming to their area in 2 minutes, nearest precipitation is 5 miles away, what it feels like outside, what the actual temperature is, and more. The interface uses clean, flat design to depict temperature ranges, week forecast, and even incorporates live radar. Unless you like singing in the rain, Dark Sky keeps you weather aware and your feet dry.



Free is the engine behind Dark Sky, and is available on web and for any smartphone on mobile web. The experience is simple, but provides a robust amount of information within a barebones interface. Users can quickly see current weather alongside what’s coming in the next hour to 24 hours. The web app is interactive, allowing users to tap into more information, scroll through time frames, and view maps with beautiful radar views in real time. If paying for an app puts you in a gloomy mood, will be a free ray of sunshine on your homescreen.


3. Yahoo Weather—iOS | Android


“The forecast is beautiful.”

Yahoo’s tagline for its weather app says it perfectly—gorgeous scenes from users’ cities fill the screen with weather data elegantly layered on top. Some favorite features include the inclusion of animated sunsets, sunrises, wind, and pressure modules. The app’s interactive elements allow users to discover all of their weather desires for up to 20 cities. The weather outside may be frightful, but Yahoo’s weather app always makes it seem delightful.


4. Apple’s native weather app


For Apple users everywhere, the Weather app that comes stock with iPhones give users a comprehensive look at the forecast ahead. The native Weather app provides a familiar experience to those comfortable on their iOS device—users can swipe, drag, and tap the screen for additional times, location options, and further details. The subtle animations behind flat type and icons presents a delightful experience for casual users. Forecasts with thunderbolts and lightning don’t have to be frightening from the iOS weather app.

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5. Google Now


Google Now is available with Google’s default Android launcher, allowing users to quickly search the web and view context-based “cards” with a single swipe. Among those cards is weather, which updates automatically based on users’ locations and preferences. Google Now even remembers Android users’ home locations and shows weather back home when travelling. Google Now comes with most modern Android handsets, and its weather features live in Android’s forecasting stratosphere.


6. Check the Weather


Checking the weather with this app is fast, perfect for those running out the door and checking whether they need an umbrella. The design is clean with little distraction from the forecast data it reports. Check the Weather is also powered by the technologies behind Dark Sky, so users can expect detailed and—more importantly—timely information regarding the world outside the app. With Check the Weather raindrops will not keep falling on your head.


7. NOAA Hi-Def Radar


NOAA is among the highest ranking weather apps in the App Store. Weather geeks can celebrate the real-time, high-definition radar maps that allow users to track and understand storms at any point on a map. The app’s spartan, utilitarian design reflects its functional purpose—toggles give users the control over how much and what type of information is shared. Sit back and watch the rain roll in.


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