5 task management apps to tackle your to-dos

Amelia Baer
  • Amelia Baer
  • November 17, 2014
5 task management apps to tackle your to-dos

It’s satisfying to make lists, and even more satisfying to cross things off when they’re completed. But keeping track of all that needs to be done at work, home, and everywhere in between can be a daunting task in and of itself. For some people, task management is a way of life, and helps them organize dozens of concurrent projects through the course of their workdays. For others, to-do lists serve as simple tools to remember grocery lists or be reminded of important dates at just the right moment. Forget the days of leaving paper lists behind or accidentally tossing them in the trash—these 5 task management apps can help keep users organized and productive.

Todoist productivity app



“You can do it.”

Todoist prides itself on its ability to be accessed anywhere—the app or extension is available on 13 different platforms, making it easy to keep up with tasks on the go. The design is intuitive, with an interface that uses natural gestures and allows for customization to make the experience truly your own. Another nice feature is the productivity visualization tool called Todoist Karma, which lets users know their work rate over time. task app


“Play with your day”

Organization can be fun— web app is an interactive way to arrange the day. Its bare-bones interface lets users focus on what’s important. Following David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” task management methodology,’s Moment feature allows users to “complete,” “delay,” or “delete” a task to keep users focused on what’s in front of them, rather than trying to recall other items. The app’s Chrome Extension allows for a quick shortcut for users that want to control the day through their desktop work spaces as well.

Wunderlist task-manager application


Free ($49.99/year for “Pro” features)

“Your life in sync.”

Wunderlist is as much a tool for personal productivity as it is for getting stuff done as a group. Whether collaborating with colleagues and friends or getting yourself organized, this app (plus its corresponding desktop app) serves as a real-time platform for creating lists, making comments, and setting notifications in a cohesive manner. The app allows for sharing files to keep everyone on the same page when working together. Wunderlist is a veteran in the productivity space, winning “Mac App of the Year” in 2013.

OmniFocus productivity app


$19.99 for iOS, $49.99 for Mac

“Keep life in balance.”

OmniFocus comes from OmniGroup, longtime Mac developers and makers of OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, and other popular Mac and iOS productivity apps. OmniGroup’s entrant into the to-do list app arena is heavily influenced by David Allen’s GTD approach, giving users a singular inbox into which new tasks arrive and organizing tasks into intelligent groupings of projects and workflows. Individual tasks can also contain “contexts,” tags like locations or contacts that help the task become visible when it’s most relevant. OmniFocus is pricier than some other options on this list, but its wealth of deep features and gorgeous design make it a worthy investment for productivity-inclined OS X and iOS users.

Taasky to-do list app



“Focus on priority.”

Sometimes the most complex tasks just need simple organization to be completed. Taasky is a clean, color coded, and beautifully designed tool that helps users tackle one priority at a time in the most efficient manner. Its clever animations help illustrate unique functionality, like interchangeable lists and colors for groupings of tasks. The app syncs with iCloud for ease of access, and its designers are toying with Watch OS versions to run on the forthcoming Apple Watch.


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