Intel’s mission to make every product smart

Amelia Baer
  • Amelia Baer
  • December 9, 2014
Intel’s mission to make every product smart

There is more to mobile than ever before—and the idea of “being connected” is encompassing new form factors at an accelerated pace. Despite its slow start on mobile, Intel has begun making an impact with its push into wearables. The company’s renewed investment in wearable-friendly processors and technologies has ignited a conversation around not only to how connect normally inanimate objects, but also creating a cohesive customer experience wherein these smart devices communicate seamlessly with one another. Brands that missed the mobile opportunity—and even those that dominated the space—now have possibilities to tap into the emerging “internet of things” and connect with consumers in new and delightful ways.

Intel has strategically approached the internet of things movement by forming its aptly named Internet of Things group, an internal business unit whose freshly released platform aims to give companies the hardware and software keys into the connected device space. The platform communicates with Intel’s components for wearables and deciphers the data for other connected devices to receive and interpret. Intel is removing the massive barrier to entry for brands that can’t invest in massive hardware undertakings by providing smart connective systems that integrate with popular software platforms.

Source: Intel

Source: Intel

Intel recognizes the impact that mobile has already had on every industry, and aims to lead the charge of innovation and disruption into wearables. Developing the technologies for connected devices can be intimidating to brands in traditional industries, like fashion or the automotive space. This is precisely where Intel hopes to embed itself as a connective solution that gives companies the technical chops to move into the future.

“These non-traditional players are realizing that these things are getting smart, technology is at the point where it can be embedded in their devices, and thankfully we struck partnerships with them to make the best wearables on the planet,” said Mike Bell, vice president and general manager of Intel’s New Devices Group.

Regardless of a brand’s mobile offerings, a new wave of emerging tech offers a fresh take on connecting with consumers on the most personal level. The pace to stay at the forefront of mobile is high-velocity—moving forward, embracing the internet of things will be critical to creating loyal relationships with audiences and establishing the product or service is a necessity. While mobile is one way for users to interact with their surroundings, wearables offer brands the ability to become fully immersed in every facet of consumers’ lives.

Just think back to when mobile was the wild west—wearables are now pushing the unknown in very much the same ways. The opportunities provided by the advent of iOS and Android in previous years are dwarfed by what wearables promise. Wearables and the internet of things will come to reshape nearly every object we interact with throughout our days, from how the gadgets we wear interact with our bodies to how we interact with our homes. Intel wants to position its offerings to capitalize on that opportunity. Thanks to its Internet of Things business unit, Intel is ensuring that brands across industries and product categories have the tools to make their products smarter and friendlier—at least to one another.


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