Download Punchkick’s strategy guide to CarPlay

Connor Mason
  • Connor Mason
  • January 6, 2015
Download Punchkick’s strategy guide to CarPlay

With iOS 7 in 2013, Apple expanded the in-car functionality into a wider suite called CarPlay, which sought to deliver even more iOS features while on the go. The technology seeks to make a digital impact on the largely analog in-car dashboard experience, and represents Apple’s foray into what is sure to be one of the largest technology spaces of the coming decade: the automotive industry.

The adoption curve for cars is sluggish in comparison to smartphones—you don’t see people swapping out their sedans in 24-month increments. For that reason, the technologies that disrupt automobiles can’t be beholden to the car upgrade cycle users are accustomed to—that is to say, the technology can’t come with the car. For years, automakers and technology companies have been converging on the idea that in-car experiences need to come from external devices, which are more regularly updated and grow more capable over time.

CarPlay is poised to revolutionized how automakers and app developers connect with users on the go. With new connected car tools and new ways of thinking about how mobile intersects with auto, brands and developers can make a massive impact on drivers and offer all-new utility in the car. Download our strategy guide to find out how.


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