Spotlight: rewardStyle's Affiliate App

User experience should be (and is) at the center of all technology development, which constantly evolves to match consumer behavior and expectation. While there is no one-size-fits-all method to successful user experience design, keeping up with users’ device preferences and innovative marketing strategies should be top-of-mind.

Content marketing through influencers is not a new concept for most large brands—think O.J. Simpson and Hertz or James Bond and Aston Martin—but there is a newfound demand for tools and opportunities to connect consumers with select products and the perception of unbiased blogger opinions greatly impacts sales.  

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In March, LiketoKnow.IT launched a multi-platform app allowing users to shop any image on any social media channel by screenshotting the image. Prior to the app’s launch, was exclusively functional within Instagram to make influencer’s images shoppable. To most app developers and advertisers, Instagram was and still is considered a “walled garden” or “luscious oasis” because the social platform doesn’t allow outside links to appear or function within posts and images. rewardStyle originally tackled this problem by connecting a user’s Instagram “Like” to an influencer email containing all products featured in the image. In other words, when a user signed with, they simply had to like an image on Instagram to receive shoppable links to products via email.

rewardStyle’s unique solution to influencer monetization was first of its kind and revolutionized how brands approach modern content marketing

rewardStyle’s unique solution to influencer monetization was first of its kind and revolutionized how brands approach modern content marketing. Prior to launching social media-specific solutions, rewardStyle operated as an exclusive affiliate program that connected successful digital influencers with large brands. To date, the company has grown from a small start-up in Dallas to maintain a network of 11,000 global influencers and connect their clients with brands while providing consulting advice. Given their partnership with Google during NYFW 2016 and the release of their popular app, rewardStyle is a mobile technology innovator worth watching.affiliate marketing, retail app, affiliate app, custom retail app, user experience, content marketing,

The app is user-friendly and, most importantly, wildly successful and rewardStyle’s innovation has pioneered new fields while solving both business and consumer issues. Brands, regardless of industry, should be thinking about how to bring the purchase process closer to consumers and what their company must be doing to be relevant and successful in a year’s time.

Brainstorm: What’s in your company’s future?

  • Augmented reality (AR) apps that allow users to envision products on themselves?
  • Facial recognition financial app logins that would eliminate touch ID?
  • Voice command purchases?
  • Pre-Scheduled website purchases?
  • Interactive Sporting Events Apps?