Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud Release 17

What's new and how it affects your talent acquisition strategy

With Version 17, Taleo updates now come more regularly. The even numbered dot-releases (17.0, 17.2, 17.4, 17.6, etc.), scheduled as quarterly releases, are usually the ones containing new features, whereas odd numbered releases tend to have updates that are less noticeable to end users, such as security updates, but some features occasionally get pushed into the odd releases.

The updates and features are now designed to be more easily integrated and administrators are encouraged to update the system as often as possible, especially on the even numbered dot-releases containing new features. This may be a change from previous versions where administrators may have only updated once a year.

A steady stream of new features definitely provides an incentive to upgrade more often to take advantage of new functionality.

Below are some of the highlighted features from the new version releases.

Release 17

Fluid Recruiting

A new HTML5 interface for the recruiting portal was introduced that allows for interaction from a smartphone with the recruiting portal interface. The functionality is initially limited but is being regularly updated with features that can allow hiring managers to perform most necessary tasks directly from a smartphone.

  • Viewing the requisition list. The following requisition types are supported: Executive, Professional, Campus, Hourly, Contingent.
  • Viewing requisition details, including Requisition Info and Attachments.
  • Viewing a requisition’s submission list.
  • Viewing candidate submission details, including submission info, attachments, and submission history.
  • Sending correspondence.
  • Changing a submission step and status.
  • Adding comments to a submission.

Release 17.2

New Fluid Recruiting Functionalities

  • Quick search to find candidate submissions
  • View requisitions based on requisition ownership
  • Bulk action to send correspondence
  • Bulk action to change step/status
  • Bulk action to add comments

User Cookie Acceptance (Oracle Taleo Sourcing)

Enhanced regulatory compliance for GDPR regulations, allows for the display of an Advisory Banner or Blocking Modal to either passively inform or proactively gain permission from users to store cookies on a user’s device.

Google Structured Data for Job Postings

Implements the Google Structured Data Location Mapping from so that job postings will show up in Google search results. REquires Administrators enable the feature through mapping SmartOrg location levels to Google’s levels.

Release 17.4

New Fluid Recruiting Functionalities

  • Edit requisition fields in the Structure section and Logistics section.
  • View all requisitions including those in inactive statuses such as Draft, Deleted, and Cancelled.
  • Add comments to requisitions.

Vertical Layout on Login and Registration Pages

A more modern vertical layout that is more intuitive and more conducive for use on mobile devices. Administrators need to select the new setting.

Release 17.5

Direct Apply (Taleo Sourcing)

This provides a frictionless experience for job applicants from Sourcing by removing the screen which collects email and first and last name information.

Release 17.6

New Fluid Recruiting Functionalities

  • Edit all fields in the Administration and Logistics sections (except Pay Basis field).
  • Edit user-defined fields in the Structure, Administration, and Logistics sections.
  • View offer grids, offer letters, and offer attachments.
  • Compare offers.
  • Add comments to offers.

Apply with LinkedIn 2.0

If users have an active cookie from a LinkedIn session on their device, they can authenticate and import their LinkedIn profile in one-click. There are additional reminders for the user to complete an application if they don’t finish.

Expanded Requisition Data on Job Details Page (Taleo Sourcing)

Allows for the display of additional fields on the Job Details page and the ability to configure which fields display to different types of users.

For more information on Cloud Release Version 17 or Punchkick’s TUX product, visit Oracle’s website or contact Punchkick (an Oracle Gold Partner) at [email protected].