Quality Assurance

Punchkick QA is responsible for ensuring all functional expectations come together as gracefully as possible. Boiled down, QA is a system of checks and balances and—within an agile environment, where waterfall conditions are not apparent—the checks and balances system has the potential to quickly break down. Time management, self-motivation, thinking outside the box, and working as an integral member of several project teams are all crucial qualities for a successful QA and we encourage all candidates with past QA experience to reach out.


The part-time Punchkick QA job description can be broken down into three activities:

  • Testing
  • Documenting
  • Meetings


The core of the QA position lies in testing and bug logging to ensure a more end-user-friendly experience. Testing encompasses everything from ensuring Acceptance Criteria is functional per specification (across the span of a project development), ensuring test cases are created per spec, black box testing, smoke testing, regressions testing, and beyond.

High-level testing tasks, testing tools, and general expected understandings include:

  • Document bugs/issues in Jira
  • Test Case creation based on documented scenarios
  • Xcode and Android Studio (to build commits/code to device and virtual tools)
  • Browsers (ex. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE)
  • iOS and Android devices (and have an understanding of the latest, minus 2, operating system versions per those platforms)
  • Versioning (at ex. A commit level), regression, bug within a bug concept
  • Distinguishing between a bug and UX decisions


Documentation is invaluable and often becomes a cyclical cycle of never-ending considerations. That said, documentation is important, and finding the right balance, per project, is part of the role. Most Punchkick QA documentation can be broken down into two major categories: logging bugs and creating test cases. Considerations for each include:

  • For bug-logging, ensuring all bugs are logged with adequate, and enough detail.
  • For Test Case creation, ensuring all functional features are accounted for, and assessing the potential volume of regressions, per project.

High-level Documentation tasks, tools, and general expected understandings include:

  • Bug entry in Jira (a daily task)
  • Test Case creation (a per Sprint cadence task)
  • Excel, Google Sheets, LICEcap, Sketch, VMs, Charles, SourceTree


Meetings at Punchkick aim to serve a very specific purpose. Be it Sprint Planning, Sprint Retro, a 15 minute daily stand-up, the goal is to ensure the team regroups to assess specific projects. The open office environment runs parallel with this idea—being open and willing to converse with team members, in such an environment, is a must.

High-level Meeting tasks, tools, and general expected understandings include:

  • Ensure Jira is updated daily
  • Ensure Test Cases are updated (ideally, per a Sprint cadence)
  • Come with answers and questions, and leave with answers (so, come prepared with an understanding of your projects at at least a Sprint level).
  • Are comfortable (and capable) talking to clients, and all Punchkick team members (APs, SMs, Dev, Design, Marketing, Business)

To apply for this part-time role, email us at [email protected] with your resume (highlighting both past jobs and projects and a short paragraph of why you’d be a perfect addition to our team.




  • Work-from-home Fridays
  • Take-it-as-you-want-it vacation policy that requires a minimum of two weeks off yearly
  • 8 paid holidays per year
  • T-Mobile corporate discount, gym membership discounts, and more
  • Transit benefit fare program

Peace of Mind

  • 100% match of up to 3% of your salary on IRA retirement plan—with immediate vesting
  • 70% of healthcare, vision, and dental coverage
  • Life-insurance policy provided at no cost
  • Long-term disability coverage provided at no cost


  • 30-minute daily huddle where we cover company updates, employees’ good news from the prior day, team questions, and more
  • Chicago Loop location within a three-minute walk to the red line, one-minute walk to the brown, green, orange, purple, and pink lines, and a five-minute walk to the blue line
  • Ability to work on mobile projects that will literally be seen by millions of people
  • Amazing client roster that you’ll be exceptionally proud of
  • Continuous education efforts that encourage learning new languages and tools
  • Horizontal operating system with self-managed teams


  • Bleeding-edge technology adoption
  • Highly-tuned local developer environments
  • Dual monitors
  • Test-driven development and an environment that praises coding standards
  • Continuous integration server that facilitates automated testing, deployment, code coverage, and project documentation
  • Dedicated QA testing
  • Dozens of cell phones and tablets in our office to play with and test on during development
  • Enterprise hosting environments on Rackspace
  • Robust staging plans including local, dev, wip, stage, uat, prod, and backup environments
  • Agile project management
  • Subscription to Safari Books Online,, and a growing library of software development and project management books
  • Surrounded by amazing talent with pair-programming encouragement
  • In-house tech talks on both native and mobile Web technologies
  • Crystal-clear solution requirements and story cards whenever possible
  • Wiki-based documentation for projects