Getting Started

Come to Punchkick with your idea for a potential product and one of our strategists will work alongside you and your team to consult and begin the forecasting process.


Building a Backlog

The strategist works with your team to understand business objectives and the goals for the project. They develop an initial product backlog that serves as the framework for the project.


Calculating Hours & Effort

Once the building blocks have been identified, we bring in our UX designers and developers. Alongside the strategist, our execution teams dive deep into the project and outline the work effort for each item on the product backlog.


Timeline & Delivery Schedule

After we’ve estimated how much work will be required to deliver each backlog item, the strategist and a project manager outline a project timeline and delivery schedule.


Present the Forecast

Now that we know what we’re building—and we’ve leveraged the experience and knowledge of the team building it throughout every step of the forecasting process—we can deliver a forecast proposal that we can confidently stand behind. As things change, so will this forecast—but isn’t that how it should work? Punchkick’s process allows us to validate our project hypotheses along the way, and it’s designed to allow our team to pivot quickly as things change. You’re not locked into inaccurate project scopes, and we have the information we need to build the right product the first time around.