Android App Development

The Android ecosystem is the most popular mobile user experience in the world, and the best Android app developers take advantage of the unique capabilities of the Android platform. Punchkick specializes in delivering world-class enterprise Android applications for leading brands that incorporate Material Design best practices highest standard of native Android Java app development.



Materially different Android apps. Thanks to Material Design.

Punchkick takes a best-practice approach to Android app development, adopting the guidelines and resources of Google’s Material Design to provide a strong user experience across Android apps. Material Design helps even branded apps adopt the dynamic look and feel of the best Android apps across the ecosystem, giving Android app developers a common vocabulary of design and user interface paradigms to draw from.

Punchkick UX designers and Android app developers work together to ensure that every Android app Punchkick builds is best-in-class among the top Android developers on the a Google Play Store, delivering an elegant and powerful user experience across mobile and tablet form factors. Our adherence to the best practices of Material Design, with smart UX customizations where our clients want to depart from the guidelines, helps every Android app we develop look and feel at home on every Android device.


Designed for the full alphabet of desserts—past and future.

Android is a fragmented platform—because of the wide variety of different Android device manufacturers, as well as custom Android branding modifications and forking, there are Android app development methodologies that help ensure every Android app user gets the full experience from enterprise Android apps—even if they’re running an older version of the operating system.

When Punchkick develops a custom Android app, we follow the Google-prescribed development best practices to support the full spectrum of device types, screen sizes, and recent versions of the Android operating system. And because of this attention to detail during Android development, our clients reap the benefits as new enhancements and updates to support the next version of Android are seamless.


Designed for what’s next.

Punchkick’s custom Android development is approached with a future-looking mindset—whether that’s adding tablet support for larger devices or leveraging the existing Android codebase to support Android Wear or Android Auto. Find out more about Punchkick’s custom Android app development capabilities.

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