Android Wear Development

As the wearable component of the world’s most popular and ubiquitous mobile operating system, Android Wear presents a unique opportunity for brands to extend their apps to users’ wrists and reach more customers than ever before. Wearable devices like smartwatches are one of the emergent arenas for brands to better connect with their audiences, and offer a more intimate and immediate experience than even mobile devices have. And thanks to the depth of functionality and power of the Android operating system, Android Wear is a viable platform for third-party enterprise apps to make their marks as part of users’ everyday lives.

Reach the widest potential audience

Unlike Apple Watch, Android Wear devices are compatible with both the billion-plus Android handsets in the world and hundreds of millions of iPhones, meaning that apps designed for Android Wear have the largest potential user audience of any wearable platform. As wearable devices increase in popularity over the next several years, buoyed by new hardware offerings from some of the industry’s largest mobile players, Android Wear will be the open operating system option that powers the widest swath of wearable products in this burgeoning smartwatch industry.

There are dozens of unique Android Wear devices available for sale, each with their own feature set and unique capabilities. Designing and developing custom Android Wear applications demands that the best Android app developers account for the various hardware features, screen sizes (and shapes), and distinct functionality of each Android Wear device in the market. But this mobile app development strategy goes beyond planning for circular displays—it means thinking beyond the simple interactive notifications and finding real opportunities to deliver value to your audiences in a wearable or smartwatch app context.

Deliver utility at a glance

Essential to the wearable experience is glanceability, which includes designing features and interfaces that allow users to absorb the maximum amount of relevant information at a glance. This means optimizing Android Wear app user interfaces to prioritize the handful of features that Android app users rely upon most, making the custom Android Wear app an integral part of their daily workflows. This means rethinking core parts of the Android Wear app’s feature set and interface design to deliver a user experience specifically designed for Android Wear contexts.

Building great Android Wear apps means more than shoehorning a full Android mobile app into an Android Wear display. Instead, it means limiting the number of features and in-app capabilities to include the core pieces of functionality and content that users most typically expect or use in your app. For certain apps, this might mean trimming popular and powerful features from your app to ensure it’s useful in an Android Wear environment—but making these decisions early in the custom Android Wear app development process helps ensure an end product that actually delivers value to users’ everyday experiences with their Android Wear smartwatches.

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