iOS App Development

Apple’s mobile operating system sets the standard for mobile app user experience, so Punchkick specializes in designing and developing world-class enterprise iOS applications that take full advantage of Apple iOS developer tools. Whether the experience is designed for iPhone, iPad, or needs to support any of Apple’s other native development platforms, Punchkick builds elegant and powerful iOS apps that are designed to last.

iOS apps, designed the way Jony Ive intended.

When Punchkick undertakes a new iOS app development project, we immediately look for opportunities to optimize the experience for the unique considerations of the iOS platform. What about this experience could be better with iOS extensions? How can we better surface content and common actions to users?

Our approach to iOS app design begins with Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines (HIG), which set forth a series of ideals and best practices to assist the best iOS app developers to create beautiful, effective apps. But our strategy isn’t to conform to these design guidelines—instead, Punchkick mobile UX designers incorporate the guiding principles of great iOS user experience design and balance them with the unique brand requirements of our diverse clients.

Built for the next iOS. And the next one.

When it comes to new iOS releases, there’s very little that Apple does by accident. That’s why our iOS developers leverage the latest technologies into every iOS app we build, to ensure that our iOS code is future-proof and ready to evolve as iOS does. This way, when new iOS versions are announced, the conversation isn’t a reactive one about rewriting core sections of the iOS app codebase. Instead, our clients can get excited about new iOS developer features that we can take advantage of together.

iOS was born in the era of Objective-C, the mature programming language that has powered Macs and iOS devices for years. Going forward, Punchkick is quick to adopt Swift as our preferred iOS programming language for our clients’ iOS applications, so that as Apple evolves its platforms to more completely incorporate Swift, our iOS apps built with Swift from day one can reap the benefits of new features and capabilities.

Designed for what’s next.

Punchkick’s custom iOS development accounts for room to grow—whether that’s universal support for iPad or a new extension to support Apple Watch. Find out more about Punchkick’s custom iOS app development capabilities.

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