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When the top mobile development agencies specializing in user-centered design refers to “the user,” it’s never really just one user. A target audience is actually a diverse conglomeration of people with a variety of unique priorities, needs, and individual situations. When it comes to product design and marketing, how can we accommodate for variation in the audience while also tailoring products, campaigns, and branding to fit each user like a glove?

Making mobile apps more personal.

To solve this problem, consumer marketers and digital user experience designers have begun using audience personas—fictional characters that represent actual market segments. And we’re not talking about demographic segments such as age, gender, or race. Meaningful audience variation is based on psychographics, meaning they describe audience members’ goals, motivations, and behaviors. Psychographics transcend traditional market research boundaries and get down to what truly impacts behavior, enabling a new level of user experience design and more personalized mobile user experiences.

Each persona profile represents a unique psychographic segment of the target audience, differentiated by the unique needs, goals, behaviors, and motivations of that segment. Using these profiles as a characterization of the target audience allows user experience designers, mobile strategists, and clients alike can better target their efforts to the specific needs of each target segment within the context of a mobile app or mobile website user experience.

Adopting the persona of “smart UX strategist.”

Punchkick builds and uses personas for feature ideation, design inspiration, messaging brainstorming, campaign design, and more. Personas have also become the newest innovation for employer branding, as savvy human resources departments have started using personas for crafting and targeting their recruitment and employee retention efforts. Personas can be the initial audience research for a larger product design or development process, or they can be standalone user experience research projects as the foundation for blue-sky innovation and strategy.

Punchkick researchers manage persona-building projects from start to finish, including all participant recruiting, recruiting, scheduling, interview facilitation, qualitative data analysis, and the creation of the persona profiles themselves. As with all Punchkick research projects, personas can be built for international audiences as well as domestic audiences. Regardless of whether the personas are created for development, strategy, or research, clients can keep the personas as research artifacts and use them for audience targeting in any future innovation, design, and marketing projects.

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