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Punchkick approaches native app development for iOS and Android apps the only way we know how—natively. Native meaning that all of our app developers are based in our Chicago office, and we never outsource work. Native meaning that we use the latest iOS and Android technologies to build apps the way Apple and Google intended, without lowest-common-denominator “write-once” mobile platforms. Building custom mobile apps the right way takes discipline, but getting it right the first time makes the difference between an app that collects dust and an app that becomes the centerpiece of a mobile strategy.

Why native matters.

When Punchkick takes on a new iOS app or Android app development project, one of our first questions is what about the experience necessitates native code. What about this app makes it a better user experience than a mobile website? How can we use iOS and Android app technologies to enhance users’ perception of the brand, and provide new value to them beyond what’s expected.

The answer comes down to our fundamentally user-first approach, which dictates that we define the mobile experience we want users to see before ever deciding on developmental tactics. If we ground our decision-making in what users are asking for, we can craft iOS apps and Android apps that meet and exceed those expectations.

Building world-class native apps for iOS and Android has been part of Punchkick’s DNA since the first mobile operating systems emerged, and our proven UX–first process ensures that our clients’ apps never get hidden away in a folder on their users’ home screens.

Mobile apps that are built to last.

The iOS and Android ecosystems change rapidly, so iOS and Android applications need to be designed to evolve with them. At Punchkick, we believe that new versions of iOS and Android shouldn’t mean a complete rebuild of app code bases—instead, they should be seen as an opportunity to take advantage of new capabilities of native mobile platforms.

We architect our custom native applications with the intention that they’ll evolve—whether to support new mobile device screen sizes, take advantage of new APIs from Android and iOS, or to integrate new feature ideas that excite our clients. Custom Android app development and iOS app development aren’t one-and-done endeavors. These apps are products that should exist in the marketplace for years, so they shouldn’t feel stale after the first few months.

What’s next.

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