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Punchkick’s mobile app marketing strategy takes a user-centered approach to mobile development. But while nearly every mobile app development company claims to be user-centric, Punchkick focuses on infusing user feedback and priorities into every stage of the mobile development process—from ideation through agile development and into mobile analytics.

We recognize something critical to the top mobile app development companies—we’re not the target audience. And oftentimes, neither is our client. So instead of making assumptions about what mobile user experience we should be developing, we begin by grounding our mobile strategy in what the real-world users are telling us about what they expect from a mobile product. Once we have a clear and comprehensive understanding of how the mobile app or website will enhance users’ lives, only then to we begin developing something amazing.

Starting with user experience.

When Punchkick takes on a new mobile web or custom native app development project, the first question we ask ourselves isn’t which technologies we should use. Instead, we begin by defining the user experience that would deliver on our client’s goals for their audiences. Where many mobile app development companies are preoccupied with technology stacks that can inhibit a great UX and shackle clients to a mountain of technical debt, Punchkick begins by asking, “what do we want the user to feel?”

We begin by asking, “What do we want the user to feel?”

Understanding the experience we want audiences to have with our mobile products inspires every decision that follows—from user experience design through agile mobile app development and acceptance testing. By grounding our decision-making and mobile strategy in objective audience research and a firm understanding of what users are actually asking for, Punchkick mobile app and mobile website development projects can achieve a degree of ROI certainty that our clients love.

Right tools. Right team. Getting it right the first time.

Because we start with defining the user experience, Punchkick takes a technology-agnostic approach to mobile app development. This allows us to find the right tools for the job—whether that’s a custom native mobile app for iOS and Android, a responsive mobile web application, or anything in between. We make technology decisions that will support our clients’ mobile strategies and mobile initiatives far into the future, preventing short-sighted technology choices.

Combined with a disciplined approach to product definition and user experience design is a strong belief that the best teams work together. In the same office. In the same city. That’s why all of our mobile app developers, web services developers, user experience designers, mobile strategists, QA engineers, and everyone in between work and operate our of our Chicago studio. Keeping our talented mobile developers and strategists in-house gives Punchkick an unparalleled degree of quality control, ensuring a deep level of collaboration and open communication between disciplines.

What’s next.

Learn more about Punchkick’s approach to mobile app development in Chicago and how our mobile strategy decisions impact every mobile user experience we build.

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