User Experience Design

Punchkick’s mobile user experience designers take a user-centric approach to designing mobile user interfaces and defining the experience for our client’s audiences. Through wireframes, rapid prototyping, iterative user testing, and high-fidelity visual designs, our UX designers craft meaningful experiences that audiences love to use.

Between U and I, there’s more to UX than UI.

Many mobile design agencies start with visual designs, defining an aesthetic direction for the mobile app and iterating on that theme. And while these are important steps in the design process, Punchkick believes that understanding how users move through an application takes precedence over choices around colors and fonts.

How will users discover important new features? How can we on-board them to the mobile app to demonstrate its unique value? Unless a mobile user experience has a considered approach to how users will engage with the app from the moment they download it, those beautiful screens will never be seen—and metrics for app engagement and user retention will struggle. Smart UX design makes the difference between a custom native app or website that becomes an everyday part of users’ lives, and an app that gets tucked away on the second page of a folder on users’ home screens.

User experience design. Emphasis on the “user.”

It’s easy to design pretty things. But if that beauty isn’t balanced with a smart approach to interaction design, and isn’t focused around the client’s core objectives for engagement and conversions, the most beautiful user interface designs on the planet are effectively meaningless.

That’s why Punchkick prioritizes the audience’s voice as the ultimate source of truth. We involve user feedback and testing at every stage of the product development and design process, using rapid prototypes to source feedback on our mobile UX designs from real-world users. By crafting mobile experiences that are equal parts elegant and easy to use, our UX designers deliver world-class mobile user interfaces that execute on our clients’ core metrics.

Designing for what’s next.

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