User Testing and Research

Punchkick employs a user-centered design approach with user experience research as one of the main drivers of strategy and design. As a result, we integrate user experience research and user testing into all of our projects as a fundamental part of the development and design process. Our relentless focus on the user experience ensures that our apps, websites, and products are wildly successful in the marketplace and achieve maximum ROI.

User research you can use—even if you’re not an end user.

The researcher’s job is to help mobile UX designers, mobile strategists, mobile developers, and stakeholders empathize with the customer. From usability testing and prototype building to interviews and surveys, our UX researchers have experience with a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methods to uncover the user’s goals, motivations, and behaviors. This deep understanding teaches the product team how to design products to meet customer needs.

Research and discovery findings form the foundation for the rest of the strategy, UX design, and agile development process. User research allows strategists and UX designers to ground all of their product decisions in their understanding of the user, always asking, “How will users respond to this feature? Does this design truly solve for the user’s needs?” The end result is a product and design that users are sure to love.

Full-stack user research capabilities. Because user experience matters.

Our UX researchers have a large methodological toolkit that allows us to creatively adapt and customize research to fit any project, industry, or client. Punchkick also has established relationships with global vendor partners to assist with sourcing, translation, or localization of international audience research, no matter how large or small the user experience research project.

Whether the research is part of a bigger product development project, or stands alone as an audience research initiative, our team handles all aspects of the research process from start to finish. From experimental design to results delivery, researchers work with strategists and clients to interpret the survey results and implement the findings into the broader mobile product strategy and discovery process.

Researching what’s next.

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