Friday Five: Apple Watch Earnings, Facebook Video, Microsoft Send

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  • Punchkick Interactive
  • July 24, 2015
Friday Five: Apple Watch Earnings, Facebook Video, Microsoft Send

Apple quarterly earnings

Apple this week had its quarterly earnings call, which for the first time included Apple Watch revenues since the device launched in April. The accessories category—which encompasses both Beats headphones and Apple Watch—had more than a billion dollars in revenue, indicating that the wearable is off to a better start than even the iPhone in 2007 or the iPad in 2010.

Facebook to introduce video editing features

Facebook is rumored to be introducing video editing and creation tools that rival those of YouTube. In the future, marketers may be able to upload and edit videos within Facebook, making it a one-stop destination for video marketing efforts going forward.

The Moto X is coming

Motorola released mysterious invitations to a press event next week at which the company is expected to launch the next generation of its Moto X handset. Leaked photos of what is allegedly the upcoming Moto X depicts a 5.5-inch display with a front-facing flash for better illuminated selfies.

Microsoft Send email app

The latest product coming out of Microsoft’s Garage R&D division is called Microsoft Send, a new email application with a minimalist design aesthetic that runs on iPhone. The app is the latest in a suite of Microsoft productivity apps as the company seeks to fill out its Office offerings on mobile, including recent acquisitions of products like Acompli and Sunrise.

T-Mobile enhances text messages

And finally, T-Mobile sought to modernize the text message this week with RCS, or Rich Communication Service, which enhances the capabilities of SMS. The new enhancements will only work on T-Mobile for the time being, but bring new features—like read receipts and 10-megabyte photo and video sending—to traditional text messages. As wireless carriers look to find ways to keep up with chat services like Apple’s iMessage or Google’s Hangouts, RCS might be the first contender that’s open to all platforms and uses a service that is already ubiquitous.


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