Taleo Product Consultant

Companies hire Punchkick to develop high-quality digital products while delivering an unbelievable customer experience. A Taleo Product Consultant is responsible for proving that Punchkick is the best decision its clients have ever made. While the Taleo Product Consultant’s job responsibilities are pretty clear, the most optimal word to describe the best Taleo Product Consultants is evolving. If you can’t own a room, empathize with client and user needs, and describe a complex software product in one sentence, the Taleo Product Consultant role probably isn’t for you. So, if you’re still with us, here’s what we expect of you.


The TL;DR of the PKI Taleo Product Consultant job description can be broken down into four core activities:

  • Owning Punchkick’s Product for Taleo
  • Former Taleo ATS experience not required, but a definite plus
  • Learning the in’s and out’s of the Taleo Applicant Tracking System
  • Project Management

Primary Responsibilities:


The Taleo Product Consultant touches all aspects of product development at Punchkick. These include:

  • Lead the solution architecture process for new client projects.
  • Create, maintain, update, and groom product backlogs for client products.
  • Play an active role in generating, clarifying, testing, and updating feature requirements.
  • Validating that products meet the client’s definition of “done” and leading the client through the acceptance testing period of a release cycle.
  • Using analytics, market research, industry knowledge, user research, and your own trustworthy gut to create an ongoing list of ways to grow and enhance a client’s products as they mature.


While every Punchkicker is counted on to be the public persona of the company, the Taleo Product Consultant plays a critical role in day-to-day client interactions. Maintaining the product vision and the overall client relationship. Most importantly, you will use your expertise to support on-time and on-budget client engagements. Some of the project management responsibilities you’ll be responsible for include:

  • Day-to-day management of client product implementations
  • Daily standups with developers
  • Weekly reporting on project status and sales 

  • Primary point of contact for existing clients 

  • Project planning – timelines, resourcing, budgeting 

  • Proactively managing client relationships
  • Functioning as dev liaison, working with internal and external developers in discussing project requirements
  • Develop new products & features  

  • Quality Assurance – scheduling quality assurance resources, but also performing quality assurance testing as necessary (visual & functional testing) 

  • Maintaining P&L for TUX 

  • Maintaining documentation and creating documentation

  • Experience with both lean startup methodologies and agile development methodologies

Cultural Add

We’ve been in business long enough to learn what makes winning PMs and ones who just don’t cut it. The best Taleo Product Consultants add to Punchkick’s culture by embodying the following characteristics:

  • Empathy for both clients and users. The Taleo Product Consultant is by their nature a listener. Rather than immediately speaking up, the best Taleo Product Consultants exercise a sense of empathy for their clients and the users of their products. When they do speak, their words come from a place of understanding what it’s like to walk in their audiences’ shoes.
  • Pitch-perfect communication skills. The technology and research topics Punchkick works on are complex, but our clients and users should never feel that complexity. The ideal Taleo Product Consultant is able to succinctly and clearly communicate any idea so that it effectively reaches its target audience across a variety of media, including presentation decks, client emails, keynote talks, and everything in between.
  • Contagious passion for product and technology. Everyone in the room pays attention when a Taleo Product Consultant speaks. His/her words are influential because the Taleo Product Consultant makes people care about what’s being said. The Taleo Product Consultant expresses a natural gravitas that helps them get clients excited about their ideas, get designers and developers motivated to build great things, and get users to adopt their vision.
  • Living in the future. While the Taleo Product Consultant does exercise the daily tasks of grooming backlogs and ensuring product teams have everything they need to build 5-star products, the Taleo Product Consultant’s long-term influence is found in their ability to chart a course for the future. The Taleo Product Consultant is a voracious and quick learner of all things tech and is capable of distilling the most important takeaways into one impactful sentence.
  • Both vision and roadmap. Our Taleo Product Consultants are Scrum Certified Product Managers and take product development seriously. We’ve learned through great success and great failure that the best products only come to life when they have a great Taleo Product Consultant capable of articulating a compelling vision about where the team is headed.

To apply for this role, email us at [email protected] with your resume, portfolio, and a short paragraph of why you’d be a perfect addition to our team.