iOS 7 beta 3 — first impressions

Amelia Baer
  • Amelia Baer
  • July 9, 2013
iOS 7 beta 3 — first impressions

Just two short weeks after iOS 7 beta 2 was released, Apple put out another set of improvements to iOS 7 with beta 3. Our team of iOS developers explored the new beta, and noted that the iPhone version is more stable than before, while the iPad version is still noticeably buggy–but making progress.  Other first impressions include improvements on text legibility. The systemwide font changed from Helvetica Neue Light to Helvetica Neue, which to some is only cosmetic, but to others makes iOS 7 more usable and efficient.

There are a lot of little tweaks across the system, and iClarified has put together an extensive list of what’s new in beta 3 complete with images to document the changes. Below are a few notable modifications from the list:


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