Google Chromecast could open doors to innovation

Punchkick Interactive
  • Punchkick Interactive
  • July 25, 2013
Google Chromecast could open doors to innovation

Google unveiled some cool new stuff at yesterday’s press event, but by far the most interesting is the Chromecast. This 2″ media streaming adapter lets your Android and iOS apps cast media onto your TV. For example, you’re watching a Netflix movie on your phone and you want to push it to the big screen. Just tap the cast button, and your Chromecast-connected TV will begin playing the movie from the exact moment you were at on your phone.

The streaming video example doesn’t do the potential of Chromecast justice, though video is what everyone seems to be focused on. A developer can potentially incorporate many other features into their Chromecast experience, opening the door to a complete rethinking of what TV can do. Native developers aren’t the only ones in on the fun, as Google has also extended API access to Chrome apps.

In the future, if websites get access to the Google Cast API, it would let a website target the Chromecast device and format its content accordingly. This could let web developers do a lot more than just mirror their site (a feature currently in beta). Does it make sense to optimize a site’s UI for the TV? Feel free to do so. Should the TV present ancillary content instead of primary content? You can do that too. Only time will tell if and how developers will optimize for Chromecast, but if Google lets devs push the boundaries, they will do so.

The biggest surprise? It’s 35 bucks. Accessibility is a beautiful thing.


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