Quirky + GE announce Aros, a smart AC unit

Amelia Baer
  • Amelia Baer
  • March 24, 2014
Quirky + GE announce Aros, a smart AC unit

GE is renowned for innovative thinking, so when the company opened its vault of industrial patents and gave $30 million to NY-startup Quirky last year, high-hopes were set on the investment. Quirky is an online community for inventors and creators to submit ideas for crowd-sourced votes and feedback. It also serves as a storefront for a ton of awesome products.

The Quirky + GE partnership has turned out a few smart products over the course of the year. The partnership’s recently minted Aros promises mass appeal as the warmer weather approaches (hopefully soon). Aros is a modern and sleek smart window air conditioner that syncs with its owner’s smartphone for a smart home experience. This smart appliance and smartphone application combination will be able to learn user habits like schedules, location, usage, and budget to automatically maintain ideal settings to maximize savings. Aros is controlled through the Quirky + GE app ‘Wink,’ which also monitors other smart home devices released by the partnership. With touch capacitive button icons and an elegant facelift of the traditional clunky window units, this will be a welcome addition to a more efficient home.


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