Friday Five: Android Studio, Facebook Search, IBM + Apple

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  • Punchkick Interactive
  • December 12, 2014
Friday Five: Android Studio, Facebook Search, IBM + Apple

1. Google launches Android Studio

This week, Google launched the first official version of Android Studio, a development environment that allows developers to write Android apps for the expanding universe of Google products, including Android Wear, Android Auto, Android TV, and Google Glass. The app replaces the old Eclipse plugin, Android Development Tools, and gives developers all-new ways to learn how to write for Android and discover new code.

2. YouTube app redesigned for Apple TV

Apple TV got a redesigned YouTube app which is more in line with the design trends that Apple uses for its own video streaming apps. It indicates that Google and Apple are still working closely on the platform, and that developers may soon get access to write iOS apps that run on Apple TV.

3. Google introduces a new reCAPTCHA

Google this week launched a new version of its reCAPTCHA security platform, which traditionally uses distorted images of text or numbers to differentiate between humans and robots on the internet. Now, the platform looks at browser cookies and search histories to understand users’ behavior and identify human-like trends versus robot-like trends.

4. Facebook expands Graph Search

Facebook this week launched a new version of Graph Search which now extends to mobile. Previously, Graph Search allowed users to find friends who live in a particular city or friends of friends who might work in a particular company. And now, it allows people to search for keywords within friends’ old posts—provided that those posts have been shared with the searcher in the first place.

5. IBM and Apple team up for iOS apps

On the heels of their partnership announcement earlier this year, IBM and Apple unveiled their newest suite of enterprise apps. Developed by IBM and designed by Apple, the apps are intended to bolster iOS’s reputation within the enterprise.


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